Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bought with a price

“You were bought with a price; do not become bondservants  of men”. – 1 Corinthians 7:23

The sacrifice of Christ at Calvary was a once and for all time eternal sacrifice. Christ will not have to come to the earth again to offer himself in our place for our sins. His death was the predestined way that God provided eternal redemption is everyone who believes.

When we come into a living union with God through Christ it is through the blood of Christ. The price of that free gift is his death and we become His righteousness when we die to our own self-righteousness. We die to our own performance, our own methods, our own ambitions and we become alive in Christ. To go back to try to please God through adding anything to Christ’s finished work is becoming the bondservant of man.  Using human effort to try to make ourselves acceptable to God.

Christ + nothing = Everything.

In Christ we are eternally righteous, holy, united, a son, loved, accepted and given all the blessings of heaven. We receive all these as a free gift and we enjoy unbroken joy with the God who lives inside.

This does not mean we live without considering our actions, because Christ purchased us for a purpose. That purpose is that we could live in permanent union with him and he could live and work through us as we are made anew to reflect his glory.

This wonderful union with Christ is the motivation of our hearts, not the law, not our performance, not our right doing and as nothing to do with our self-righteous effort.  All our sin was forgiven at the cross and Christ’s accomplished act gives us confidence to live a righteous filled life by and through God’s free and lavish grace.

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  1. This does not mean we live without considering our actions, because Christ purchased us for a purpose....true that...the freedom in christ is a different kind of freedom than what can be assumed as freedom...and purpose, for sure...


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