Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Fire of God.

The safest place to be is in the centre  of God's fire.
In the centre of God's fire the enemy is unable to stand.
In the centre of God's fire we are made invincible.
For in the centre of God's fire Christ dwells and Christ dwells in us.

The storms may ravage and bluster but you are safe in the centre of God's fire.
You are protected and sheltered in the refuge of God's fire.
For the fire of God burns with the presence of the Holy Spirit.
The presence brings us fullness of life and never consumes us.
And this fire of the presence of God is the fire of our heart.
As the psalmist wrote:-
"My heart is on fire, burning over with passion." - Psalm 45:1.

For the depths of God are alive with His passion and his delight.
His passion is consumed with His fire
His delight is filled with His fire
For the glory of God's presence is alive with His fire.
Nothing can stand before the fire of God
Nothing can stop the fire of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ we are burning with the fire and glory of God.
The fire of God dwells in us.
The fire if the Holy Spirit ignites our hearts.
The centre of the fire of the Holy Spirit is our hearts .
In Christ we have become the furnace of the fire of God.
In Christ we experience and manifested the glory and the fire of God.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Love is Not a Formula

Love is not a formula.

It is not a mathematical calculation or an academic exercise or a theological assertion.  It cannot be found in prescribed devotion or calculated study. You cannot steal it, you cannot not hold it captive and you cannot manufacture it. For love is responsive,  reckless and passionate.

Love is consumed with burning desire.

Desire comes from delighting in the beauty and splendour of our affection.
The burning desire to listen, for every whisper of love makes our heart beat.
The burning desire to look into the eyes of love, for every glance fills us with courage.
The burning desire to be entangled with beauty, for every touch fills us with confident hope.
The burning desire to step into the awareness of the love God ravishes upon us.

For the burning desire of Christ is us.

Christ comes to allure us.
Christ comes to us to awaken us to love.
His thoughts to us are to pour out his gladness and pleasure upon and into us.
For Christ's love pardons our sin and forgives our wayward affections.
Christ's love showers us with heaven's inheritance.
Christ's love empowers us with His grace.
Christ's love comes to us in an intoxicating kiss.
Christ's love is planted into the heart of Man.
Christ's love is devoted to you.
Christ's love given freely far exceeds all other loves.
For Christ loves us with an everlasting love.
A love that embraces us through the ages.
A love that holds us in His desire
A love that keeps us in His delight.
A love that allures us into His burning heart of passion for us.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Cosmic Story

The bible is a cosmic story about death and rebirth.

From the very first words out of chaos and darkness, life and light were created.

It is a thread of crimson that is woven into the heart of creation.

From Noah reborn from the deluge, Abraham reborn into the promise, Isaac born from barreness. 

Israel reborn from Egypt, Esther reborn from captivity, Nineveh reborn through repentance and Jesus born from the light.

God is all about creating life from the grip of death.

It is in times of this grip of darkness that God shines light into the confusion we make of this life
It was the prophet Jonah rescued in the belly of a great fish that revealed the dilemma of mankind. “Those who regard and follow worthless idols. Turn away from their [living source of] mercy and lovingkindness.” – Jonah 2:8.

Jesus said the same thing, “Lose your life and you will find it.”

Paul said, “ I am crucified with Christ : nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” – Galatians 2:20

And that is how creation works, the old dies and the new brings forth new life.

Life comes through death.

Life out of chaos

Light out of darkness

Completeness out of emptiness

God reaching out in his unconditional love and embracing us in our darkness.

And this embracing of us is passionate. It was a burning fire of desire for intimacy with the delight of His heart.

It is Gods consuming glory and infinite love that ignited the cosmos from chaos into glorious life.


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