Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Five Point Beverage

Now most of us have heard of TULIP, those five foundational beliefs (some would say, controversial) of the reformed wing,


So up for a challenge I thought I would have go..  Here’s my take on the FIVE foundational beliefs……LAGER


Lost people
Already provided for
Given everything by grace
Eternally saved
Resting in the finished work of the cross.

So there it is, the next time you are lost in praise and worship think Lager and let it refresh your soul.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Reflections of a night in Kiev.

They thrilled my heart,
Frustrated my soul
And played with all my hopes

I believed the myth,
Trusted the claims
And was swept along with the dreams.

I felt for Roy,
As the prize was lost
And the past repeated in cruel fashion.

But they did better than I expected.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


A large slice of sticky toffee cake
Custard doughnut
Fiery Dragon cheese on toast, with caramelized onions
Lemon meringue pie

Just another slice
Just one more
Just a little bit more
You deserve it
Go on
Treat yourself
Don’t miss out


We all know what I’m talking about
We have all been there
We all know the feelings
The racing pulse
Thumping heart

And sometimes things are just too tempting
If you’re an 8 year old and with a Nintendo DS and a great new game.

Now Dani is very good.
Every night, off to bed.
And straight to sleep.
Last night..
New Game.
Just too much temptation.
Mum heard a noise from the bedroom.
An hour after putting her to bed.
There she was.
Sitting in bed.
The Game.
Caught out
“I’m so sorry.” She said
With sad eyes
And she was.

Every day we are faced with temptations
Some big
Some small
Those moments when we can open a door
Which we should leave closed.

Letting God’s word fill our mind
Living from the fullness of our spirit
United with Christ
Enjoying his unmerited favor
Effortlessly keeps us secure
In God’s grace.

And when the inevitable temptation comes knocking at the door
Grace is there to help
Point us in the right direction
Into all God has provided for us.


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