Tuesday, 13 October 2020


In the place of stillness

In the place of hearing

In the place of nearness

God kindles the fires of heaven

And in breathing we know that he is God


Sunday, 31 May 2020

Map of my Heart.

As time goes on we start to make an internal map of what is wrong and is right. This map is embedded in our subconscious and forms our belief system. It is often this map that steers us through the hundreds of daily decisions we have to make.

This freedom of thought and choice is an essential component of our design because  it means be can we can change our way of thinking and experiencing instead of just repeating the same things over and over again.

The danger with this internal map is that it can blinker our spiritual eyes to the wonderful majesty of Christ that is alive within us. God is constantly uplifting us to know and experience his delight and love that is alive within us.

God gives us hundreds of opportunities every single day to which he wants to open up our eyes to his work within us.

By saying yes to God's delight in us, we open up ourselves to new avenues of the Holy Spirit and therefore we become more conscious of his presence and we awake to his gentle whisper that invites us to engage with him.

It is however always easier to say no than yes. Yes requires courage to engage with God. Yes requires openness and generosity and no keeps things just as they are.

Yes involves risk and no does not. Yes requires trust whereas no requires none.

God's hearts desire is that we enjoy him and delight in him. God has placed his Holy Spirit into us and invites us into the adventure of writing a new map in our hearts. He wants to take us on an adventure to discover the depths of his work in our lives.

Christ says Yes, for the declaration of God  to us all God's promises are YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. 

God wants to write inside our hearts a new map, and map of his grace, a map of his unconditional love, a map of his delight,  a map of his treasure given to us. It is from this map of God's delight that the Holy Spirit wants to re-configure our subconscious so that all we think and experience is from the majesty, grace and glory of God.

Monday, 25 May 2020

The Ability To Believe

Who we believe we are is who we will become. All of life's rich experiences are moments that have the ability to draw us into a deeper way we believe and frame who we are.

The way we interpret those moments will shape both how we see ourselves and our indentity.  It is so very easy for us get a warped perception of life and who we really are by clinging on to how we live and react when those moments come.

No one's identity is completely fixed. We like to think that that is not the case, but each of us has the ability to alter our perception,  the power to change and more importantly the ability to plant new beliefs and root up old, damaging beliefs. We have the capacity to grow as we live and experience new things within us.

But with this also comes the ability to believe we are something we are not. So on any given day, like a jelly left out in the sunshine, we can alter our belief system and change for the better or worse.

God through the Holy Spirit has given us the opportunity to tap into the resurrection power of Christ within us. Our flexible hearts of who we are can be changed from one degree of glory to another degree of glory. In Christ we are immersed into the river of God's love and delight.

Christ's desire is so abundantly passionate that his heart is that we align our hearts with his finished work at the cross and identify with Him in every experience of life.

This is not impossible because the Holy Spirit is within cascading through us bringing the truth of Christ alive in us. All we have to do is tune into his voice and his gentle nudge.

The world will try to fill our minds with worldly wisdom and a negative perception of life. It will try to diminish your value and promote fear and anxiety. But God has now in Christ NOT given you a spirit of fear, but a new Spirit of power and love and a sound mind .

The loving encouragement of God is that you find your delight in him, you find your purpose in his love for you and you excel in your heart by believing and experiencing his grace alive in you.

Christ in you has the ability and power to change your belief system so that you know and experience the love and power of the Holy Spirit in every golden moment of life.

Sunday, 26 April 2020


There is an earthly reasoning and there is a heavenly reasoning. 

Earthy reasoning is the reasoning that we inherit from Adam. It does not come from heaven but it originated in what our senses tell us. It comes from what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. It associates reasoning with what we experience in our nature birthed in us through Adam. This reasoning is unspiritual, it is sensual. Out of it comes jealously,  rivalry,  contention, selfish ambition and this earthly reasoning causes confusion, unrest, disharmony and rebellion.

Heavenly reasoning is the reasoning that is birthed in us by the Holy Spirit.  It is birthed in us by faith and given to us by grace. It is a well spring of love, delight, desire and dependence of the Holy Spirit. This reasoning is spiritual and comes through the revelation light of the Holy Spirit in us.  Out of heavenly reasoning comes harmony, unity, hope, patience, lovingkindness and love. It is a waterfall of grace, that believes all good things come from God.

Earthly reasoning outside of Heaven's influence of the origin of unbelief.  Earthly reasoning teaches us to abide in our Adamic nature.  It says that God is distant, God is only available but I have to wake him up or do something in order for him to move. Earthly reasoning takes the place of Jesus at the cross and tells me that the cross was not good enough!

Heavenly reasoning is the foundation of God's grace and tells me that the cross was much more than enough. It's revelation  is that Christ is now alive within me and that I am now birthed into Christ. That Christ in me, is the hope of glory. Heavenly reasoning says that now heaven has come and that the Kingdom of God is now within me.

The difference between Earthly reasoning and Heavenly reasoning is the finished work of Christ.  It is the difference between faith and unbelief. It is the difference between union with Christ and separation in my mind. How I view the world is the difference between Earthly reasoning and Heavenly reasoning.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Christ’s Death is the Key to Contentment

This statement seems almost unbelievable, that the key to true contentment is found in the finished work of the cross. Everything about us tells us that contentment is found when we lack nothing. But the Bible tells us in the letter to the Philippians, that contentment is found in the one who gives us strength - “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4 : 11-13).

Paul here presents himself as an example of a man who has learned to be content in times of plenty and in seasons of lack. What was the secret to Paul’s contentment, that “ He could do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” He found everything he wanted in the person of Christ, for in Christ Paul discovered that he lacked nothing.  In his own words, he had been crucified with Christ and he was now seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Through the death of Christ he had been planted into the ocean of God’s grace.

Contentment is an awakening that when Christ died on the cross, we died. The key to Christ-centred contentment is the cross. When you let the finished work of the cross invade and overwhelm your life, the enchantment of the world is broken. You are dead to the world, and the world is dead to you. Or to put it in real terms, you are a New Creation. The old you is dead. A new you is alive – a you filled with Holy Spirit, overflowing with the glory of God and overwhelmed by the majesty of God.

Being dead to the world means that our hearts run and abide in the blessings of the cross and finished work of the cross is the motivation and joy of our lives. For the greatest satisfaction and contentment is found in the death and resurrection of Christ.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Christ’s Death Is Our Guarantee

The death of Christ is a guarantee that every promise God has made is ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ in New Creation life. This guarantee is a promise “right up to the end that you would be counted free from all sin and guilt.” (1 Corinthians 1:8). Because of the finished work of Christ on the cross two thousand years ago, we are now counted free and every moment we live until the day He returns we are held in the guarantee of the cross.

The foundation of the New Covenant is sealed with the blood of Jesus. When the bible speaks of the blood of Jesus, it is speaking of his death. Everything that was accomplished at the cross, was made possible by the shedding of his blood.

But more than this, much more, is the revelation that the blood of Jesus accomplished His resurrection.  The resurrection of Jesus was God’s universal endorsement that the obedience of Christ was fully absorbed and completely paid for, all the consequences of Adams sin. The point is that the resurrection proves that the death of Jesus paid everything in full. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then his death was a failure.  His death provided his guarantee that his resurrection would be our resurrection.

This is the absolute promise of today. God wants you and I to live our lives free from the consequences of sin and free from guilt. Guilt free living is God’s best for His people.  By God’s grace we are guaranteed to live a life of communion with his son. A co-partnership of fellowship with the son.  A guarantee that we are now blameless in Christ and much more than this, we are made holy by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

God’s guarantee is that he is forever faithful and He can be trusted to fulfil all his promises in our lives.  His guarantee is that his finished work is complete and therefore we are now complete in Christ Jesus.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Christ’s Death Sets Us Free.

The message of the New Creation planted into us, was declared by Jesus in a synagogue in Nazareth,  when he stood up and read from the book of Isaiah to the religious leaders, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind see, and that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the Lord’s favour has come.”

This is the revelation of the New Covenant. Christ has come to declare the healing restoration of God to his creation.  The free gift of the Lord’s favour.  A gift we receive, given by Christ to his great treasure. It was His death that would accept us into his family and would restore us.

Christ died to break every chain of oppression, captivity, and to release us from the prison of despair. Christ did not die to make it merely possible or give us a half-hearted answer. He died to bring freedom and to plant his passion into our hearts. For New Creation life is not a refurbishment of our old life but a complete transformation from old to new, darkness to light, from death to resurrection.

The New Covenant is an oath of freedom, a promise of eternal redemption purchased by the blood of Christ.  Our sinfulness, our fear, our captivity all died in the death of Jesus Christ.  In the death of Christ, was the death of everything that oppressed us. When we see the cross through the eyes of faith and trust, we simply find that everything is already done and the chains that had bound us are broken and grace overtakes us.

The end of our quest for wholeness is found in Christ, for Christ heals the deepest parts of our hearts, He opens our blind eyes to the magnificence of His finished work and He sets our hearts free to be filled with his majesty.

The death and resurrection of Christ ends our pursuit of freedom, for in our New Creation life we are eternally connected and set free in Christ to enjoy and delight in him forever. In Christ we are raised with him in His resurrection to live in the abundant life he promised and provided.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Nourish and Nurture Your Heart

When we look in the mirror, what we see before us, reflecting back is what most of us believe we are. Every day we are either busy with thoughts and fantasies and actions, or we are held captive by the constant distraction of digital devices, social media, television, the morning news. Every interaction whether positive or negative influences us, it is so powerful that it controls us.  

Our whole being, body, soul and spirit is caught up and entwined in our belief system. This belief system has the power to give us life or ultimately kill us. We call this belief system the heart and the heart is the conduit for the river of life.

Every interaction we have with creation – whether it be the bus driver or our family – and every transaction we make in the world – whether it be shopping for food or negotiating a contract – and every project we undertake – whether it be baking a cake or climbing a mountain – carries with it the sowing of seeds of belief or unbelief into our hearts.

We need to understand that even the tiniest word or seed creates a belief that can soften or harden your heart.

The fact is life is full of rich moments that make life worth living. It can be amazing and wonderful in its ability to connect with our hearts. There are days when our hearts are captivated by the experiences that enlighten our darkness and change the mundane into adventure. Those captured memories of precious moments where the richness of love and the closeness of acceptance are found in the value of those we treasure and love.

Today's fast living world does little to encourage us to embrace the experiences that surround us. Modern media sells us a dream of a perfect world where we can have anything we want providing we have the resources at our fingertips. And if we don't it sells us the tools to get that which is out of our reach. But deep down inside we know that the things that surround us don't really satisfy us.

For life in all its glory is found complete in the embrace of its designer. Every experience is a chance to connect with the God who formed the universe from nothing. As surely as the sun rises, the sun sets and as surely as the tide flows in, the tide flows out. The everlasting love of God is as relentless and as sure as the universe that we are placed into. And it is here that the mystery of God’s love shines into our world, for God who is complete does not need creation in order to experience love because he is love and every time we open up ourselves to the love of God we move into the now of time. And in the now of time the omniscience and omnipotence of the creator meets the compassion and goodness of the Father. But whenever we move away from the abundance of real love life clips our wings and dulls our shine. God's love was given to be shared. Shared from his heart of goodness. A manifesting in and to creation that we were created and birthed out of His good pleasure. And every moment is a now moment where his love is giving his goodness to us. 

God encourages us to nourish and nurture his love and his life in our hearts. To grow a rich harvest of life giving and life enhancing truth, for it is in knowing the truth that renews our minds and sets us free to know and experience the life of God in Christ Jesus. God's goodness is his story. His story is a work of total commitment, desire and passion. It is a story about you, about someone else, about the world, about life, about God and above all else it is a story of intimacy beyond our wildest imagination. 

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Time is NOT the Magic Ingredient.

"He turns paupers into princes and seats them on their royal thrones of honor." - Psalm 113:8

God does not see or view us as we see and view ourselves.
The reflection we see in the mirror each morning is not the reflection God sees you.
God sees us as we are. In Christ.
God sees us as His son or daughter.
God sees us as a joint-heir with Christ.
God sees us seated in heavenly places in Christ.
God sees us glorified in Christ.

God does not see us as incomplete.
Time is Not a Magic ingredient that brings about completion.
Time is Not an an easy answer to cover up our lack of understanding.

For many, many years intellectuals have used the element of time to explain away things that they cannot explain.
Scientists believe the unbelievable idea of evolution by adding the magic ingredient of 'time.'
Just say that everything happened over 'billions and billions ' of years and anyone will believe it!
And this magic ingredient has weaved it's way into our Christian thinking.
Just because we don't feel or experience it we say that it has not happened and that in time we will!

Today you are In Christ Jesus.
You are righteous
You are redeemed
You are holy
You are innocent
You are a New Creation in Christ

The moment you came into Christ
You were set apart
You were restored
You were made whole
You were given a new heart
You died to sin
You were raised to a new life in Christ

In Christ you receive new life.
His life has replaced your old life.
Christ is the Promised ingredient that has made you instantly a New Creation.
You are now seated in heavenly places.
You are now seated on the throne of honor.
You are now blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

As Christ is NOW so now are you!

Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Fire of God.

The safest place to be is in the centre  of God's fire.
In the centre of God's fire the enemy is unable to stand.
In the centre of God's fire we are made invincible.
For in the centre of God's fire Christ dwells and Christ dwells in us.

The storms may ravage and bluster but you are safe in the centre of God's fire.
You are protected and sheltered in the refuge of God's fire.
For the fire of God burns with the presence of the Holy Spirit.
The presence brings us fullness of life and never consumes us.
And this fire of the presence of God is the fire of our heart.
As the psalmist wrote:-
"My heart is on fire, burning over with passion." - Psalm 45:1.

For the depths of God are alive with His passion and his delight.
His passion is consumed with His fire
His delight is filled with His fire
For the glory of God's presence is alive with His fire.
Nothing can stand before the fire of God
Nothing can stop the fire of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ we are burning with the fire and glory of God.
The fire of God dwells in us.
The fire if the Holy Spirit ignites our hearts.
The centre of the fire of the Holy Spirit is our hearts .
In Christ we have become the furnace of the fire of God.
In Christ we experience and manifested the glory and the fire of God.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Love is Not a Formula

Love is not a formula.

It is not a mathematical calculation or an academic exercise or a theological assertion.  It cannot be found in prescribed devotion or calculated study. You cannot steal it, you cannot not hold it captive and you cannot manufacture it. For love is responsive,  reckless and passionate.

Love is consumed with burning desire.

Desire comes from delighting in the beauty and splendour of our affection.
The burning desire to listen, for every whisper of love makes our heart beat.
The burning desire to look into the eyes of love, for every glance fills us with courage.
The burning desire to be entangled with beauty, for every touch fills us with confident hope.
The burning desire to step into the awareness of the love God ravishes upon us.

For the burning desire of Christ is us.

Christ comes to allure us.
Christ comes to us to awaken us to love.
His thoughts to us are to pour out his gladness and pleasure upon and into us.
For Christ's love pardons our sin and forgives our wayward affections.
Christ's love showers us with heaven's inheritance.
Christ's love empowers us with His grace.
Christ's love comes to us in an intoxicating kiss.
Christ's love is planted into the heart of Man.
Christ's love is devoted to you.
Christ's love given freely far exceeds all other loves.
For Christ loves us with an everlasting love.
A love that embraces us through the ages.
A love that holds us in His desire
A love that keeps us in His delight.
A love that allures us into His burning heart of passion for us.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Cosmic Story

The bible is a cosmic story about death and rebirth.

From the very first words out of chaos and darkness, life and light were created.

It is a thread of crimson that is woven into the heart of creation.

From Noah reborn from the deluge, Abraham reborn into the promise, Isaac born from barreness. 

Israel reborn from Egypt, Esther reborn from captivity, Nineveh reborn through repentance and Jesus born from the light.

God is all about creating life from the grip of death.

It is in times of this grip of darkness that God shines light into the confusion we make of this life
It was the prophet Jonah rescued in the belly of a great fish that revealed the dilemma of mankind. “Those who regard and follow worthless idols. Turn away from their [living source of] mercy and lovingkindness.” – Jonah 2:8.

Jesus said the same thing, “Lose your life and you will find it.”

Paul said, “ I am crucified with Christ : nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” – Galatians 2:20

And that is how creation works, the old dies and the new brings forth new life.

Life comes through death.

Life out of chaos

Light out of darkness

Completeness out of emptiness

God reaching out in his unconditional love and embracing us in our darkness.

And this embracing of us is passionate. It was a burning fire of desire for intimacy with the delight of His heart.

It is Gods consuming glory and infinite love that ignited the cosmos from chaos into glorious life.


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