Sunday, 31 May 2020

Map of my Heart.

As time goes on we start to make an internal map of what is wrong and is right. This map is embedded in our subconscious and forms our belief system. It is often this map that steers us through the hundreds of daily decisions we have to make.

This freedom of thought and choice is an essential component of our design because  it means be can we can change our way of thinking and experiencing instead of just repeating the same things over and over again.

The danger with this internal map is that it can blinker our spiritual eyes to the wonderful majesty of Christ that is alive within us. God is constantly uplifting us to know and experience his delight and love that is alive within us.

God gives us hundreds of opportunities every single day to which he wants to open up our eyes to his work within us.

By saying yes to God's delight in us, we open up ourselves to new avenues of the Holy Spirit and therefore we become more conscious of his presence and we awake to his gentle whisper that invites us to engage with him.

It is however always easier to say no than yes. Yes requires courage to engage with God. Yes requires openness and generosity and no keeps things just as they are.

Yes involves risk and no does not. Yes requires trust whereas no requires none.

God's hearts desire is that we enjoy him and delight in him. God has placed his Holy Spirit into us and invites us into the adventure of writing a new map in our hearts. He wants to take us on an adventure to discover the depths of his work in our lives.

Christ says Yes, for the declaration of God  to us all God's promises are YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. 

God wants to write inside our hearts a new map, and map of his grace, a map of his unconditional love, a map of his delight,  a map of his treasure given to us. It is from this map of God's delight that the Holy Spirit wants to re-configure our subconscious so that all we think and experience is from the majesty, grace and glory of God.

Monday, 25 May 2020

The Ability To Believe

Who we believe we are is who we will become. All of life's rich experiences are moments that have the ability to draw us into a deeper way we believe and frame who we are.

The way we interpret those moments will shape both how we see ourselves and our indentity.  It is so very easy for us get a warped perception of life and who we really are by clinging on to how we live and react when those moments come.

No one's identity is completely fixed. We like to think that that is not the case, but each of us has the ability to alter our perception,  the power to change and more importantly the ability to plant new beliefs and root up old, damaging beliefs. We have the capacity to grow as we live and experience new things within us.

But with this also comes the ability to believe we are something we are not. So on any given day, like a jelly left out in the sunshine, we can alter our belief system and change for the better or worse.

God through the Holy Spirit has given us the opportunity to tap into the resurrection power of Christ within us. Our flexible hearts of who we are can be changed from one degree of glory to another degree of glory. In Christ we are immersed into the river of God's love and delight.

Christ's desire is so abundantly passionate that his heart is that we align our hearts with his finished work at the cross and identify with Him in every experience of life.

This is not impossible because the Holy Spirit is within cascading through us bringing the truth of Christ alive in us. All we have to do is tune into his voice and his gentle nudge.

The world will try to fill our minds with worldly wisdom and a negative perception of life. It will try to diminish your value and promote fear and anxiety. But God has now in Christ NOT given you a spirit of fear, but a new Spirit of power and love and a sound mind .

The loving encouragement of God is that you find your delight in him, you find your purpose in his love for you and you excel in your heart by believing and experiencing his grace alive in you.

Christ in you has the ability and power to change your belief system so that you know and experience the love and power of the Holy Spirit in every golden moment of life.


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