Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bygone Christmas - Newberry Fruits

What is it with Grandma’s and New Berry Fruits?

Just a  glance at a box of New Berry Fruits and I immediately recall my Grandma settling down on Christmas Day evening in front of the TV with a box whilst watching Mike Yarwood.

My Grandma didn’t like chocolates, so she always bought with her a box of Newberry fruits.

My mother had a tin of toffees always on hand just in case, but it was never needed.

Tucking into the sweet jellies with the liquid centre was a real Christmas Day highlight.
Vibrant colors, pack full of sweet fruity yummiess was just heavenly.

Christmas would not be so delightful without these little treats.

I was in a Garden Center a few days ago when I spotted a box and it all come flooding back.

Great memories of happy times, well that’s how I recall them.

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  1. Awesome story, just how we wanted our fruit jellies to be remembered and loved. Thanks for your review.


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