Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 gave me some life changing sermons.

Three sermons really influenced me and one by Duane Sheriff completely altered the way I looked and saw myself.

There have been countless other excellent sermons, but these are the ones that impacted me.

Andrew Wommack – Walking on the water

This is a fantastic series on the grace God has provided and how unbelief can limit God’s power in your life.

Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and go to the other side, but fear and dread took over their minds when they saw felt the wind and saw the waves. God has provided everything we need by his grace but fear and unbelief in his promises stops us from enjoying the unmerited favor of God. It is all there for us, we need to receive it.

Graham Marsh – Possessing the land.

Graham Marsh – lead elder of Kings Church Eastbourne with an outstanding sermon on entering the Promised Land.
He mentioned four reasons why the Israelite s didn't go and possess the  land. - Unbelief, Wrong Perspective, Doubt and Wrong Response. 

Ryan Rufus – Entering the Rest

Ryan excellently explains that through Christ’s finished work, we can now enter into the rest God has provided for us. The New Covenant is an end to the law, our works and our performance. We just believe and receive all blessings of entering the promised rest.

Duane Sheriff – Our Identification with Christ.

This was the word that had the greatest effect on me in 2012. Duane preached on the Saturday Night at the Grace and Faith Conference in Telford, on Christ living and working through us. It was really an ultimate amalgamation of all the principles of the three other sermons mentioned above. His definition of faith:

F – Christ died FOR me.
A – Christ died AS me.
I – Christ lives IN me.
T – Christ works THROUGH me.
H – Christ in me the HOPE of glory.

Faith is all about living a thankful life from my union with Christ who lives in me.

Our Spirit’s have been made new and are united with Christ.
Our Souls are being transformed by the power of God and the renewing of our minds.
Our Body’s will be made new when we are resurrected.

Here is Duane in some old sermons talking over these truths:-

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