Friday, 31 January 2014

God's Child by Dave Thorpe

Gods Child

Born of the Father, God’s very own child,
Counted as worthy, by the world undefiled.

Chosen by God, to be His heir,
So that all that is His, is yours to share.

For your name is written, on God’s holy scroll,
As He kindly predestined, to redeem your soul.

You belong to the Father, you’re His by choice,
Now when He speaks, you delight in His voice.

He tells you you’re welcome, to sit on His throne,
Because His lifeblood for you did atone.

He shows you compassion, such love and grace,
And bids you to come, and look on His face.

You’ll see such compassion, such mercy and love.
And you’re protected by angels, sent from above.

To minister to you in times of great need,
And He’s given His word, upon which you can feed.

You’re truly Gods child, chosen by Him,
All darkness is broken, and you’re freed from all sin.

Holy and blameless in robes of pure white,
You are His trophy, you are His delight.

Dave Thorpe, November 2011

1 comment:

  1. its a pretty cool thought that we are the delight of the lord...
    that he takes delight in us...


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