Saturday, 11 January 2014

Crimson Scars

I love you

The crimson scars on your hands

Your glorious radiant light

I love you

The power of your life

Your transforming holy fire

This immersion into heavens glory

I love you

The colour of your amazing grace

Breaking the chains of bondage

Freeing my captive soul

I love you

The cross of promise

Where you took my sin, took my place

Died my death

Forgave my sin

Forever, reconciled me

I love you.


  1. can we ever really comprehend the depths of his love for us...or ever love him as much...

  2. This is the love that really surpasses human understanding. There is no one who has given a greater Gift than a Son.

  3. Without any religious affiliation, I still love the Christ consciousness many live by, within. Your deep faith is a testament to your devotion; thanks for sharing.

  4. A beautiful and affirming love Alan ~ Thank you ~


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