Tuesday, 24 September 2013

From A Park Bench - Lose The Clutter

Last week I ventured into our back garden shed with the specific intention of sorting out all the items we had collected and put into storage. Among the many boxes were items of sentimental value, items of no value and items I kept just in case I needed them. In the last category were some 1980’s Wharfedale Diamond speakers that I had lovingly kept and transferred from house to house over the last 25 years. They had never left the box but I had kept them just in case I one day needed a spare pair of speakers and of course I have never needed them.

As I stood looking at my prized speakers I realized that I would never use them and I had to let them go. No matter how much I loved them they were just clutter, junk that was useless. I had no need for them.

Likewise I have to let go of all the clutter that fills my mind, all the useless junk that holds me down. There is no harm in having interests, hobbies, supporting teams and watching media, but if those things dominate my mind then my mind will be filled with clutter. 

God’s spirit, His grace and His words are the greatest power in the universe. I have been united into Almighty God and all the riches of that inheritance. If I am going to fill my mind and thoughts with anything the majority of my meditation should be focused on Christ and his finished work.

I have been released from being accepted by God through works and good behavior, my relationship with God is not affected by my performance. If I spent no time with God from now to eternity it would not affect my standing with God. But, it will affect how I perceive and how I am tuned into God. The more I soak and wallow in the grace of God the more sensitive I become to the whisper of God’s voice and the more the cares of the world fade away.

Lose the clutter and focus of the good things, soak in the grace of God.

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  1. one of the things we have really focused on of late are the basic disciplines...not that it earns a seat closer to god...but helps us have hearts more like his...which at times i struggle with


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