Thursday, 4 April 2013

From A Park Bench - Made in the Image of God

We are made in the image and likeness of God. The very essence of God is the core of our nature. We are his delight, the joy of his heart, the overflow of his abundant love.

We are his treasure, when we are lost he searches the earth for us, his heart cries out for us and he sends encounter after encounter to us to woo us back to him.

We have as our origin the source of all things, the Father God

Great professors, academics and scientist debate and argue over the start of life. But God’s love letter to us, shows us that we all had our beginnings in the Father’s heart of everlasting, unconditional love. We are his prize, his cherished ones.

Each one of us is a precious gem in our Fathers crown. A son who was lost but is now found. A child of God.

And as Children of God are in an intimate privileged position with God. We are his delight, his face beams with joy when we come close and enjoy His presence and receive His favour. There is nothing than God likes more than to be with and us and see us experience all the riches of His grace.

We can stay as long as we want in our Father’s presence. He never tires of us and his heart is overflowing with abundant goodness towards us.

We can feel secure in receiving freely all the amazing great things that God has provided and lavished upon us.

We don’t earn it, we don’t deserved it, it is not dependent upon our praise for it, it is not how good we are, it is not how we ask for it.

It is all freely given, abundantly provided, out of the overwhelming goodness of a Father’s heart, all there ready to be received without conditions.

All God desires is that we take His grace, enjoy it, revel in it and come back and receive more and more and more and more.

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