Saturday, 5 January 2013

In Christ we are A New Creation

Christ poured into us through grace all the blessings he won as a man who lived and died for us in our place.
  • The Father's grace is freely bestowed on us in Christ, whom He loves.
  • We were created born again in Christ. 
  • Those who are in Christ are new creatures.
  • In Christ we have the fullness of Christ inside us.
  • In Christ we are God’s masterpiece.
  • All believers are sealed in Christ with the Holy Spirit from the first moment of saving faith.
  • In Christ we have been brought near to God by His death. 
  • Our redemption is in Christ. 
  • Thus, the forgiveness of our sins is in Christ, 
  • Therefore, being in Christ removes us from all condemnation.
  • As Adam brought condemnation upon all humans by his disobedience as our federal head, so also Christ has brought justification upon all believers by His obedience as our federal head. 
  • Righteousness is in Christ. 
  • Being found in Christ by faith clothes us in His righteousness.
  • Thus, believers have become the righteousness of God in Christ.
  • Therefore, we are justified in Christ. 
  • Because of this, we have liberty in Christ.
  • In Christ we had been redeemed from the cruse.
  • The law has been fulfilled in Christ
  • God riches are freely given to those in Christ 
  • We have been sanctified in Christ.
  • We are holy in Christ
  • We died with Christ. 
  • Our old self was crucified with Him so that we are no longer slaves of sin.
  • We died to our old sinful nature in Christ.
  • Because we have died with Christ, we will be raised from the dead in union with Christ. 
  • The Father has raised us up with Christ.
  • The Father seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ.
  • In Christ every promise of God is available to us.

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