Thursday, 24 January 2013

From A Park Bench - Mark 3 v 10

Mark 3 v 10
He had healed many people that day, so all the sick people eagerly pushed forward to touch him.”

Jesus is life. Every one that came in contact with Jesus touched the word of God in flesh. God manifested his desire, love, compassion, mercy and goodness through Jesus and his actions. No one who met him was not touched by the love and power of God.

Sick people flocked to him recognized that here was the healing for their diseases. What person among us today would not rush to the surgeon, the doctor or a newly developed medicine that gave us a chance of a physical cure?

I can choose where I rush when life’s trials and tribulations come my way. I can look to the natural as all my fellow men do and trust the world and its wisdom. I can try to make God bless me by doing all the right things, making sure I am right with God and by my works and performance make God look favorably upon me. I could obey him and keep all his commandments in the hope that God will not withhold his blessing from me.

Or I could, believe that all things work together for those in Christ, live from my union with Christ and receive all the blessings he has freely given me, because he sees me as righteous, his son, a joint-heir with Christ, blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

God’s grace is free and unmerited and he has provided every thing I need and required through Christ. Christ lives in me and I have his fullness in my life. I am eternally joined with him and am declared righteous because of Christ in me.

Jesus is life and his life is now permeating and filling my life.

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