Wednesday, 2 January 2013

ConneXions - In The Beginning God

In the beginning God

Lord, through all the generations you have been our home! Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, you are God. – Psalm 90:1-2

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. – Romans 1:20

The high and lofty one who lives in eternity, I  the Holy One, says this: I live in the high and holy place with those whose spirits are contrite and humble. I restore the crushed spirit of the humble and revive the courage of those with repentant hearts.  - Isaiah 57:15

Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding. – Isaiah 40:28

The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. – Deuteronomy 33:27

All honor and glory to God forever and ever! He is the eternal King, the unseen one who never dies; he alone is God. – 1 Timothy 1:17

I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,”says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.” – Revelation 1:8


  1. Francine Rivers wrote a great book based upon that scripture in Romans 1:20. I think it is called The Last Sin Eater, which in itself, is an interesting myth - a human "sin eater" who is chosen, then ostracized by a community who believes he/she must absolves them of their sins when they die. Though, I'd say that Ms. Rivers' books tend to appeal more to women than to men. She's one of my favorite Christian fiction writers of all time!

    Personally, I'm drawn to Deuteronomy 33:27 - perhaps this is my year 2013 scripture ??!!

    And I'm always impressed with the Alpha / Omega concept. Just love wrapping my mind around a being who is, who was, who is still to come ....better than any science fiction!! It's so deceptively simple and mind blowing all rolled into one!

    Thanks for the scriptures.

  2. I read a great book on Rahab by Francine Rivers. Rahab is one of my favorite hero's.

    The Deuteronomy scripture is excellent - God is our refuge, he has made our lives his home.

    Be Blessed RDG, I'm glad you like the Scriptures



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