Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bygone Times - The Sun 3D Album - Starcards

Growing up in the early 1970’s there were many things to collect.

Petrol Stations gave away numerous free collectible coins and every one had a stamp album. Collecting rare Eastern Communist countries stamps was all the rage. My mates and I argued and fought over stamps from Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

But one of the best things to collect was The Sun 3-D Starcards.

What could be better than them combination of football, 3-D and collectors cards.

The collector’s album of 99 pages could hold all the cards available
There were 50 cards 3-D Galley of Football Games

There were 52 cards of Football Action

And 6 cards of how to play the game.

You got these amazing cards by collection Sun Starcard tokens and you could order them.

They were all in dazzling 3-D.

Comparing these with your mates. Watching your album fill up was great excitement.

I spent many hours arguing over the best cards with all my mates
Great fun. 

Here are a few examples:-

Rodney Marsh

Archie Gemmill

Colin Bell

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