Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bygone Times - Fauna Pottery from Eastgate

Timothy Whites was a houseware store from my childhood. Located in Terminus Road in Eastbourne, my mother swore by the store and its products.

I remember numerous visits on Saturday afternoons, but the product that summed up Timothy Whites for me was a Tree Vase that had a little rabbit snuggled at its base. This vase once purchased proudly stayed in the entrance of our home, welcoming any visitor into the Stevens home.

I loved this vase; it was cute, funny and just looked great.

Okay, it was not worth a lot in value and was not a collectible work of art, but it was just great.

I found out that it was a piece of Fauna Pottery from Eastgate England. This is the description of the vase:-
“This jug is fashioned in the shape of a tree with a forked branch to the right forming the handle of the jug. Adorning the tree in the center and above the handle are swathes of large green leaves. The tree is coloured brown and has yellow highlights on the various knots.

A flattened plinth at the base forms a niche where a large rabbit is seated erect. The rabbit is reddish-brown with a white face and black stenciled eyes.”

Sometimes when we visit antique markets I catch a glimpse of them and they are being sold for a tenner.

They make me smile, I almost buy them but my wife is not convinced, memories are often more special.

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