Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday's Five - Jesus is the Door

John 10 v 9

“I am the door: if any man enters in by me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”

The new covenant is all about Christ.

Everything revolves round him, he is the answer to every problem, circumstance, worry and obstacle of life.

He is totally good, righteous, holy, lovely, and the darling of heaven.

This verse contains five great truths to mediate on: -

  1. Jesus is the door – The way to enter into the presence of God is through the door. It is a free door, with free access available to all those who want it. Like all doors the riches of the owner lie inside and we have the choice to walk up and open the door or just stand on the outside and look or walk away.
  2. He shall be saved – Jesus offers us the free gift of salvation. That salvation includes forgiveness of all our sins, payment of all our debts, healing for all sickness, overwhelming blessings, eternal life and an inheritance beyond our wildest dreams. We are saved from the entire world, sin and the realm of flesh that holds us captive. Salvation is a magnificent, unmerited, undeserved, eternal free gift.
  3. I shall go in- I can enter into the royal family of heaven. I am now a son of the king, a prince, a joint-heir with Christ. All the privileges, honour, enjoyment are mine as I feast on the treasures and pleasures of the New Covenant.
  4. I shall go out – I am an ambassador of Christ. Wherever I go Christ goes. He lives in me and He works through me, with, love, healing, kindness, grace and power. I have God’s strength pulsating through my body, racing in my veins.
  5. I shall find pasture – The lord is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT. God has provided everything for me In Christ. His grace overflows, overwhelms me in a waterfall of provision and favour. Jesus is my all. I have everything that heaven can give, already provided by grace.

This amazing scripture gives a magnificent picture of the goodness of God.

Jesus is the door and as I enter into Him, I become a son of God and I inherit all the riches of heaven through grace.

What an amazing God of total, complete goodness.


  1. I very much like your presentation of this. It is immediately attractive and convincing.

  2. My only disagreement with this post is healing for all sickness. While yes, I believe in heaven I will be made anew, free of my earthly burdens, there is nothing scripturally that suggests knowing Jesus will automatically heal us physically on this earth. I believe DESPITE the fact that my incurable illness is, well, incurable. I call it faith. As my believing physician explained to me, when we accept Christ, we enter in to a covenant in which we share not only in Christ's blessings and abundance, but we also share in His sorrows and burdens. To really KNOW Him, we, too, have to take up and bear the cross.


  3. Dave - Thank you i hope you enjoy the blog.

    RDG - Hi, thank you for being so honest with me. Sickness can be a conundrum that is difficult to say the least, My wife was diagnosed with ME and fibromylgia three years ago, they told here there was no cure. But i believe that healing is part of the atonement, Jesus healed every person that he prayed for and even the touch of his garment healed a woman. God wants us well. He became the curse, suffered in our place so that we could live in fullness of life. I will pray for you. Be encouraged, Christ died in your place, as you, for your complete salvation. Alan


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