Friday, 13 July 2012

Note to Self - Be careful of ties

At the best of times
I don’t like wearing ties
But it is part of my dress code at work
Which keeps me looking smart
I hope
But saying that
It does come with its own difficulties
Mostly associated with
Or to be more precise
Dangling freely
The only problem is that I sometimes forget the dangers of a dangling tie
And the other day
Whilst tackling the paper shredder
The contraption decided to take a liking to my tie
And tried to eat it
For lunch
It must have been hungry!
A couple of yanks,
Sweats, later
And eventually my attire was free of the hungry machine
After trying to salvage the tie
I eventually gave up and deposited it into the bin
So note to self
Be careful of the paper shredder when wearing a tie!

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