Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Smell of the Bar-b-que

What is it about the smell of a Bar-b-que
It just smells delicious.
No matter what time of day it is
When that smell wafts over I am immediately transported to a place of heavenly, meaty delights.
It takes me back years to when our children were little.
Summer evening in the garden enjoying the sausages and burgers.
It creates a hunger, a desire.
It stirs my senses.
It makes me connect.
And I know in my heart and mind that connection is why I was created by God.
I was planned and purposed in God to connect with His beauty and love.
My senses were created for me to experience the glory of God in my body, soul and spirit.
I am created to be one with my heavenly father.
And Christ is the connection.
Christ is the sweet fragrance of God.
For God comes to us as a sweet fragrance
He comes to us as a column of smoke
He comes to us as the morning dew
He comes to us to entice our senses
To ignite our desire
To penetrate our walls of self reliance
He comes to us as a consuming fire
To burn away the dross
To burn away our worldly perception
To burn away the dead wood of unbelief
To burn away the lies of self effort

His fragrance wafts into our senses to create a longing to be with him.
And it is His fragrance, Christ's fragrance in us that we give to everyone and everything thing we touch and connect with in every day life.
For In Christ we are the fragrance of heaven in a corrupted world.

We are the sweet perfume of the unconditional love of God to those that are crying, desperate and alone.
We are the fragrance of healing and restoration for those lost and without hope.
We are the fragrance of hope.
We are the fragrance of the unconditional love of God.
For Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world but to give us the very life of God in a New Creation of his love and life.

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