Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Garden Bin

I heard the rumble of rubbish collectors today, and knew immediately.
the garden bin!!!!
there are moments when you just know
sounds the alarm bells in your head
and panic set in..
that moment of madness when you rush outside to get your garden bin.
and place it where you hope they will see it
and you hope that you haven’t missed it.
I am now wondering why did I not do it last night
when I remembered it
I feel...
like I should have done it when I thought of it
not left it
not put it to one side
but actually done it when I thought of it.
I know what this means
a change of routine
a change in the way I think
a change in my actions
I just needed to change in my head...
It is in this moment of awareness
that God speaks his whisper to my heart
and I become aware that God can use anything to speak to me…

He tells me that He has done it all for me
He has put out the garden bin of rubbish
and cleared it out.
I don’t have to worry about clearing the rubbish because he has cleared it
I don’t have to struggle with the rubbish because he has dealt with it
I don’t have to collect the rubbish because he collected it for me
I don’t have to panic because he has provided all I need
He has made the way

I live in his finished work
and my he has transformed my heart.
and that I am a New Creation in Christ
His performance and action effective in my life
His performance and action giving me a new heart
so...I receive all that he has won for me.
it is now his story alive in me:
I live a life of Christ living and working in me
I live a life of Christ living and working through me
as He is so now am I.

His grace transformed my life
His grace is transforming my life
His grace is beyond my wildest dreams
His unconditional love unlocks the door to His treasures in my heart.

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