Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Dentist

The best place for silence is a dentist waiting room.
But when all is said and done it's the last place I want to be.
It is a necessary torture.
And there is nothing I can do about it.
Endurance is the only option.
Yet sitting there in the silence there is an awareness of something i was created to experience.
And here in the dentist waiting room I breathe in the love of God.
And all fear fades.
Because God was never separated from me.
So where do I find God?
I don't
Because He has found me.
I just breathe him in.
For God is there, deep inside,
His heart of burning, passionate desire.
His heart birthed into my heart.
A desire that He created
A desire that He planted
A desire that He ignited
A desire that I connect with.
His voice is the desire of my heart.
His passion is the fire in my heart.
His love is the answer to the longing of my heart.

My Dentist tells me that all is well.
Come back in six months time
I am relieved
I trust his words of reassurance.
I trust his judgement.
As I consider my experience I realise that trust is a heart condition that God trusts me with.
He trusts me with his Spirit.
He trusts me with his love
He trusts me with his kindness
He trusts me with his compassion
He embraces me with his trust.
My trust is really His trust working in my life.
I am secure because Christ trusts me.
He trusts me with his message of reconciliation.
He trusts me with his healing.
He trusts me with his loving-kindness.
He trusts me to be His ambassador of His unconditional love.
I trust because He trusts me.

Whatever comes my way in life God trusts me with His unconditional love.

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