Monday, 16 July 2018

The Car Drive Home

the drive home, with a
cloud free sky shining on carpets of bright yellow fields--
like shining, radiant streets paved with glistening gold
like the pictures I drew as a kid...
or photo’s I would take
but I can’t take a good photo if I tried.
but I always hoped I would make a great modern artist--
splash of yellow here, flick some blue there:
this is my impression of a wanderer on a summers day...
A Matisse or a Monet
fields of bright red poppies
captured by me.

I love those moments that make my heart sing
the fields of gold
the glorious, wonderful songs of the birds
the morning chorus
the sparkling sunshine on a clear blue lake
but these are just moments that come and go
so I guess it's just a fleeting experience that lights up each day
delight in the wonder and glory of creation
times when you know the delight God has for you when you see his creative brilliance
unconditional love
there for everyone to see
a masterpiece in shades of the fathers love.

There is a radiance in the delight of God
that he is delighted with me
that he is delighted with Christ in me
that he has entered  time and space
that he has made my heart his home
my life is now his life
my resurrection happened the moment he entered my life and dwelt in me
that is my New Creation life
I am created new in Christ
not washed clean but created new
my hearts is new
my spirit is new
I now feel and know the Holy Spirit alive in me
and everything that says it is not so
has been taken away and destroyed
I am who God says I am
and the same radiance that lights up creation lives in me
never to be extinguished
but to shine in me throughout eternity
to transform me into the very image of God.

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