Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Best Wines

The Best Wines

Some months ago I had a picture of a wine cellar full of the best wines.
These valuable wines lay hidden in a dark cellar, almost forgotten awaiting the moment when they were needed.
Over time the wine matured and giant cobwebs covered them.
They were hidden treasures, assets of great value.
I felt the Holy Spirit say that this was a picture of many of our hearts.

God had deposited his treasure of grace into our hearts but we had hidden it away and almost forgotten the value of the best wines we now had been given.
That His grace had matured in us but we had let the cobwebs of life cover over the grace of God so that all we could see was the cobwebs . The cobwebs has obscured the grace.
But the value of the wine was increasing.

The grace of God was increasing in value in us.
Like valuable bottles of vintage wine the best was inside us.
God was in the business of clearing away the cobwebs.
He was working in us to dust off the valuable stock.
For the day is coming when the wine cellar will be opened and the best wines will be drunk.
The day is coming when the best wine will be given to all guests.

And that day is upon us, that day is now. For we live in the day of the Lord's favour.
The day all oppression and brokenness has been healed by the resurrection power of Christ.
And in this God said don't let the world rob you of your inheritance. Don't let the enemy steal your birthright don't give what is yours in Christ away for the fleeting satisfaction of the moment.
Your inheritance is beyond measure and it is yours given freely and deposited into the treasure chamber of your heart.
Don't be deceived into thinking that God is somehow holding out on you. That God is holding back from you.
God has given you all things in Christ.
God has provided a complete and eternal salvation.
God has provided a complete and eternal deliverance from the captivity and oppression of the world.
You are his best wine and his best wine of grace is alive and flowing in you.

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