Friday, 6 July 2018

Bus Day

Wednesday is Bus Day.

Wednesday is the adventure of the bus
A chance to connect with the voice of God admist the kaidescope of life and noise that is the bus.
What an opportunity to see life in all its vivid colours.
How incredible is creation.
The trick is to try to anticipate where the sun shines. So you don't roast in your seat.
I know the ride.
So I sit where I will be most comfortable.
But the sun shines regardless of me and where I sit.
And the bus carries on its journey.
Sometimes I am in the full glaze of the sun and sometimes I sit there in quiet obscure shadows.
For the shadows and the sun are always there.
And here on the bus I hear God saying:-

"The bus takes you wherever you want to go. Sometimes it's dark, cold and shadowy. Sometimes it's bright, radiant and shining in the sun. But the sun is always shining it's where you position yourself. Shadows come but know that the sun is always shining. The sun never seen leaves you or goes away. Inside you is the brightness of my beauty. Open your mind and your heart and experience my unconditional love and know that you are never alone or deserted.

There is a sense where we can all feel deserted, but you are only deserted if you focus on the journey and not the sun.
So focus on the sun and enjoy the ride "
Today is a day to open your eyes.
It easy to go through life with your eyes closed.
Closed to the grace of God given to you in Christ.
Closed to the goodness of God.
Closed to the glory of creation.
Closed to the will of God
Closed to the unconditional love of God.
The whisper of God is to open your eyes.
The shout of God is to call you out and live in His fullness.
The cry of God is to come close.
The urging of God is to come into his love.
For God is not hiding from you.
He is inviting you into his intimate embrace.
Don't look from afar

Come close
For you are His intimate delight.
When you open your eyes you see the goodness and love of God shining to you.
You see the unconditional love of God overflowing from your life.
For now in Christ it is not you that lives but Christ who lives through you.

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