Sunday, 8 July 2018

A New Magazine

The good news is
That my wife  decided to buy a new magazine
Now this is quite interesting
"LandLove" is the name of the mag.
And I was very impressed with it.
Lots of interesting articles and little sections.
It was full of variey.
And I was pleasantly surprised as I read it.
And things just popped from the page.

"Think before you plant"
"It is good to remember too that good lawns you do keep will thrive with infrequent soaks, rather than frequent sprinkling, as this will encourage roots to search deeper for water. "
As I read this i took a few moments to ponder.
There is whisper from the Holy Spirit that this contains something I need to know.
But as I read, it seems to go against what I believe.
For I know that God is never separated from me.
I know that the Holy Spirit is constantly watering the garden of my heart.
I know that living in the constant sprinkling of Christ in me has been the greatest freedom in my life.
I know that his living water is still the fountain in my heart.
So I wait.
I wait on God to reveal to me what he wants me to hear.
So I wait and listen.
And He let's me wait and he starts to say.
My love is revealed to you
And my love is revealed in you.
You have to let my love take root in your heart.
You have to let my love go deep into your soul.
You have to let me reveal my love to you.
It is in the place of waiting that I reveal deeper truths of my love.
Waiting is not passive, like waiting for a bus or train.
Waiting is active, it is an anticipation of good , it is an expectation of living in the answer.
Waiting is a response to the blessing of God working in you.
God is revealing greater depths of his love and truth planted in your heart.
So don't fret , instead wait for He that is faithful will keep his promises.
And it does not stop there!

As I turn the page this article catches my eye.
Know your soil
"Identifying what type of soil you have in your garden is a big step towards becoming water -wise. "
My heart leaps.
Yes, it says know your soil.
Know the soil of your heart.
Know what God has planted in your heart.
For now as a New Creation in Christ I have new good soil planted in my heart.
I have the best soil in the universe in my heart.
I have the soil of the finished work of Christ in my heart.
In my good New Creation soil I have been planted into the fullness of Christ and from my heart grows the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Planted in me are:
All these are there inside me growing and transforming my belief system so that I can now live a life as I am.

I am a New Creation in Christ.
I now renew my mind and thoughts and feelings to believe who I am.
It still amazes me that God speaks to me through the articles of a magazine.
But that is because He loves me and He delights in me and He loves showing me the delight He has in me.

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