Monday, 10 March 2014

Radiant Love

Glory shines through inexhaustible vastness
The heavens sing with magnitude greatness
Unimaginable riches reached out
Through untracked galaxies heaven shouts.

Unparalleled splendour fills my vision
As I behold your incomparable reflection
Flaming, all attracting beauty
Embrace the healing power of your glory.

Infinitesimally small I look and wonder
That you should endow me with your power
This gift of grace, your reconciliation
Now made manifest in my adoption.

Every ache wrapped in my frailty
Once held captive with enslaving misery
Released by you mercy, now totally free
Radiant love overflowing to me.


  1. "Over flowing" I like that!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  2. ah that he would call us his...
    adopted heirs to his kingdom...


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