Monday, 13 May 2013

Grace Notes - Joel 3 v 21

I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: For the Lord dwelleth in Zion.” Joel 3:21.

When we believe in the reality of God’s grace, His favor that flows from the finished work of Christ on the cross, we position ourselves to receive the power of Christ flowing through and out of us.

Through Christ we are united into the fullness of God filling our bodies. We can carry the radiance of God’s presence on our lives each and every day.

We are His temple, we carry His presence here on Earth, God has come to His people and He is inside each and every believer. When we touch, breathe, lay hands on people we are imparting the power and presence of God into people’s lives.

God believes in you. He sees His promises inside of you. He believes that you can be everything He ever dreamed you could be. It is simply about living a life that believes in the power and the presence of God, believe that your sins are forgiven, believe that your debts have been relieved, believe that you have been healed, and believe that God in Christ by His Spirit has come to live inside you.

John G. Lake in his sermon on “The Tangibility of the Spirit,” explains that Christ blood applied to the believer cleanses spirit, soul and body.

“The Christian stands out as the revelation of divine power of Jesus Christ to come into the spirit of man, and change it and make it sweet and lovely like God Himself. To come into the mind of man, and take possession of all its faculties.  To come into the nature of man and change it by the power of God until his thoughts are pure, holy, and lovely. To come into his old diseased body until God’s action revolutionizes every cell of the blood. 

I believe that when the Blood of Jesus Christ is applied to a man’s nature, spirit, soul and body, that when his sin is forgiven, the effects of that sin should be eliminated from his life. This may not be true in all Christian lives because we have not been educated in our Christian faith to believe with the same force and power for physical cleansing, as we have for the cleansing of our soul. But the word of God says, “I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed: For the Lord dwelleth in Zion.” Joel 3:21.”

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  1. that last paragraph is while i was reading i was thinking, but what about...and i do think that we lack a true understanding of what christ blood and salvation really is...we sell a rather cheap salvation at times...


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