Friday, 22 February 2013

Overflowing Love by Bill Thomas

As the river bursts it’s banks and overflows to all around;
As the avalanche of snow fills the valley to it’s depths;
As the rains teem from the sky in monsoon climes;
So flows the love of God from on high.

Uncontainable, overpowering, overwhelming,
Such is this love of God.
The depths and vastness of mighty seas,
The height and majesty of splendid mountain ranges,
The unlimited vastness of universes and boundless space,
All pale into insignificance before this unconditional love,
This so amazing love, this unerring love,
This love so rich, so pulsating with vehement fervour
That even God Himself cannot hold it in;
It must fly, cavort, rejoice, and finally find it’s place
In the heart of man, of undeserving man.

And the rivers of our lives finally burst into overflowing,
The valleys of our souls are filled to it’s depths,
And we find we are in monsoon climes,
drenched in a love so all-consuming that we cannot hold it in;
And we too must overflow, we too must fly, cavort, rejoice,
And finally surrender to the inevitability
Of loving the unlovable.

By Bill Thomas


  1. Beautiful photo and poem.

  2. Thank you Joyce, i am glad you enjoyed Bill's poem.


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