Monday, 25 February 2013

Grace Notes - Luke 2 v 52

Luke 2:52, "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man."

The wonderful truth of the New Covenant is that Christ now lives inside every believer. God is not distant, aloof, detached or away. God is not is some place, somewhere and needs us to search and seek him. When we believe, he comes and dwells within us, in all his fullness and glory.

The difficulty I have is that I don’t realize and recognize the amazing God I have living inside of me. Years of bad thinking, incorrect theology, worldly wisdom and lies had dulled me to the amazing new creation within me.

I need to grow in the truth of that which is already evident in my new spirit. My mind needs to be awakened and transformed to the grace of God.

Jesus had to grow and learn in his physical body. He had to immerse himself into all the treasures of wisdom of God's ever increasing grace.

Andrew Wommack explains that Jesus became like us : -

How could it be that Jesus, who was God, and in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, increased in wisdom?

God is a Spirit. Jesus, as God, had existed as a Spirit forever.

When He came to the earth as Jesus, he was Lord at birth, but that was in His Spirit. His Spirit didn't have to grow or increase in wisdom but His physical body did.

The Lord could have done things differently, but He didn't. Jesus came into this world in His physical body exactly as we did. He had to grow and learn.

He became just like us so that we could become just like Him.

This is the great exchange. He became like us so that He could bear all our iniquities and become a mercy high priest for us.

Christianity does not produce a changed life but an exchanged life. Christ does not reform us, but He transforms us through His union with us. In the same way that the Eternal Christ could come and inhabit the body of an infant and still retain all His deity, He now inhabits our bodies through the new birth in all His glory and power. Like Jesus, grow in your wisdom and understanding of who you now are in Christ.

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