Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bygone Times - Milk Tray Chocolate Bar

One of the strangest confectionery delights to grace the counters of the local newsagents in the 1970’s was the Milk Tray chocolate bar.

A whole box of Milk Tray Chocolates molded together into one bar, with 9 different centers to choose from:
Coconut Ice
Turkish Delight
Crème Strawberry 
Almond Swirl
Orange Creme
Coffee Creme
Lime Barrel

It was always difficult to keep your favorite to last, but I loved the – Lime Barrel and Fudge
I must admit my least favorite was Turkish Delight, so I always ate this first, to get it out of the way.

There was only one down side to this incredible invention, sometimes if you were very unlucky the chocolate bar broke and split causing the crèmes to spread and infect the other choc’s.  It was heartbreaking to open a bar and discover that the ‘best’ one (Lime Barrel) had been obliterated.

Our Sunday School teacher gave me a bar every Sunday when I  attended church, together with the magazines ‘World of Wonder’ and ‘Look and Learn’ . To be honest I loved the magazines but the Milk Tray Bar was the real treat.

My two sisters’s used to fight over which chocolate they wanted and that still left 7 for me.

It was a timeless classic that still brings a smile to my face.


  1. i feel like i have completely missed out on this...lime barrel...ok, you need to tell me what it tasted like...lime an chocolate? what an interesting mix...

  2. Hi Brian - The lime chocolate was an amazing treat, its center was liquid and it oozed delight. Sadly you cannot by the Bar, but you can buy the box of Chocolates here in England.

  3. Loved this bar when young, lime barrell my favourit too

  4. The bar I remember is the first one at the top of the page, I also liked the Lime barrel I can't understand why they dropped it.

  5. wish cadburys would bring it back. my favourite was the lime barrel & the coffee creme.


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