Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Heart Almost Stopped

My heart almost stopped.
The world seemed to fall away.
There was nothing I could do.
Sheer panic.
Blinding fear.
Everything falling.
Yes, you've guessed it.
In the space of a few seconds.
The world went black
very black.
As I ……
Fell down the stairs.
My balking weight in free fall.
As I slipped on the carpet.
And took off down the staircase.
At break-neck speed……
I reached out to grab hold of something.
I brought down two pictures.
From the wall.
But managed to steady myself.
And stop my fall about half way.
But OK.
My wife and kids ran to me.
Comforted me.
Loved me.
Until they realized I was OK, only my pride damaged.
Then they fell about laughing.
Serves me right.
Should have looked where I was going.

A cup of tea later
A chocolate biscuit
Lots of sympathy
Well not too much
And I was almost mended

I hadn't caused too much devastation
I was just grateful
I hadn't destroyed all around me

The words of an old hymn came floating into my mind

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

And certainly
For a few moments
On a Saturday afternoon
The world around me
Felt like sinking sand
I was glad
Very glad
That I had a rock
I had Christ.

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