Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Revenge of the Lawn Mower

I have always treated my Lawn Mower with utmost respect

I have looked after it

Cared for it

Tried not to over exert it

And only used it once a week

Ever since it joined our family when our old faithful model of 10 years finally went to its eternal rest

Down the road

In Eastbourne rubbish tip

Our new lawnmower has been wonderful

Cuts the grass in record time

With less work and fuss

But yesterday it showed me its ‘mean’ side

The side hidden behind its ‘mask’

I was happily getting all the lawn mowing equipment into action

When as I put it down to check the adjustable length lever

It sprung back



The pushing bar hit me on the bridge of my nose

Dazing me


Blood flooded from my nose

As I rushed to the house

Shouting for my wife

Holding my smashed nose

In a maelstrom of pain, shock and blood.

After the shock of the Lawnmowers action wore off

I was left with a sore nose

Two black eyes

And a dazed look (My wife said there was no change there!!)


I still love my lawnmower

I will still use it

And next time

I will be a bit more careful

Show it a bit more respect

Be less careless with it.

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