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Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday's Five - Classic Chocolate Bars

 I love chocolate

I always have

Ever since I can remember as a small child, in fact I think it was Cadbury’s Cream Eggs palmed to me by my Grandfather, which really hooked me on to the stuff.

Every now and then I indulge my pleasure with a swift bar, usually a Double Decker or a Mars. I really love Bounty’s but the coconut filling has an annoying habit of getting stuck in my back teeth and causing me hours of distraction.

And there are some classic chocolate treats from my childhood that bring back many happy memories

Cadbury’s Bar Six

Often a favourite for vending machines, Cadbury's Bar Six was a creamy chocolate bar with a wafer centre and hazelnut cream, they were very similar to a Chunky Kit-Kat. Bar Six had a orange wrapper and was wrapped in a soft foil.


This nougat/toffee classic covered in chocolate was most prolific in the 70s and 80s - even making a brief comeback in 2005. It had a great ‘Clint Eastwood’ catchphrase with  after all, 'a man's gotta chew what a man's gotta chew'.


A true contender to the mighty Mars, Aztec bars was a must in the 1970’s. I remember newsagents with a life-size cardboard Aztec warrior stuck outside the entrance, and a lavish TV ad filmed at a real Aztec temple in Mexico.


This was a chocolate covered muesli bar, produced by Nestle. The TV advert for this was almost as good as the chocolate bar.  A bloke skiing down a mountain and saying, “I’ll risk it for a Swiss Kit.” I still say to my kids 40 years later, if they want me to do things for them, “I would risk it for a SwissKit!”


I kept the best till last. I was absolutely addicted to Amazin bars. Milk and plain chocolate covered nougatine and caramel bar with raisins. Who can forget the cockney knees-up of a TV jingle?

‘It’s amazin’ what raisins can do/ Full of goodness and it’s all for you/ It’s got two kinds of chocolate and caramel too/ And it’s got raisins and they’re good for you’

I believed the dream, bought the bar and enjoyed every moment of it.

True to its word, it was

Amazin what raisins could do.

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