Monday, 8 March 2021

The Inheritance of Jesus

 In Christ I now inherit the inheritance that Jesus had. Jesus is my promised land, He is the promise of God given to me.

My promised land is now that I am a New Creation in Christ.

The Holy Spirit is the power of the risen Christ in me that overcomes in me, with me and through me. I overcome because the overcoming Christ lives in me and is united to me. I am never separated from Christ. He is never separated from me.

There is never a moment in my life that I am alone. Christ in me had broken the spirit of isolation. The world would lie to me and tell me I am isolated, but God would tell me that He is always with me and I am never alone.

All the inheritance that Jesus won at the cross is now mine. Every promise of God is now YES and AMEN to me in Christ Jesus. Everything won and the victory of the cross is now mine in Christ.

Christ's inheritance is my inheritance. His death released His inheritance to me. Now in my New Creation life in Christ the risen Christ has made me his home. I am now the dwelling place of the glory of God.

For his presence lives in me and within me is the joy of God and He has pleasure in me. For in Christ there are pleasures for me forevermore.

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