Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Life Not Chaos

 The world lives in chaos, every belief the world gives us is meant to distract and misdirect us into chaos. It provides information that misdirects from the truth.

Jesus said He was the truth. He said that if you wanted to know what God was like look at him.

Jesus Christ is our road out of the chaos of the misdirection of the world. The road to freedom is found at the cross. The road to life is found in the resurrection life of Christ.

Religion offers me a wide road of law. Religion gives me a wide road of my self righteousness. In Jesus Christ I have a narrow road of Christ alone. In Jesus Christ I have a narrow road of the free gift of grace.

All around me the enemy has created distractions and tries to lead me with misdirection.

But Christ gives me freedom, fills me with his Holy Spirit and immerses me in a river of his unconditional love.

In Christ I am a New Creation and I am alive to Christ and dead to chaos.

Jesus Christ is the peace of God in my heart. He invites me to dwell in his peace. He is an oasis of peace that has freed me from the chaos of the world.

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