Sunday, 15 March 2020

Nourish and Nurture Your Heart

When we look in the mirror, what we see before us, reflecting back is what most of us believe we are. Every day we are either busy with thoughts and fantasies and actions, or we are held captive by the constant distraction of digital devices, social media, television, the morning news. Every interaction whether positive or negative influences us, it is so powerful that it controls us.  

Our whole being, body, soul and spirit is caught up and entwined in our belief system. This belief system has the power to give us life or ultimately kill us. We call this belief system the heart and the heart is the conduit for the river of life.

Every interaction we have with creation – whether it be the bus driver or our family – and every transaction we make in the world – whether it be shopping for food or negotiating a contract – and every project we undertake – whether it be baking a cake or climbing a mountain – carries with it the sowing of seeds of belief or unbelief into our hearts.

We need to understand that even the tiniest word or seed creates a belief that can soften or harden your heart.

The fact is life is full of rich moments that make life worth living. It can be amazing and wonderful in its ability to connect with our hearts. There are days when our hearts are captivated by the experiences that enlighten our darkness and change the mundane into adventure. Those captured memories of precious moments where the richness of love and the closeness of acceptance are found in the value of those we treasure and love.

Today's fast living world does little to encourage us to embrace the experiences that surround us. Modern media sells us a dream of a perfect world where we can have anything we want providing we have the resources at our fingertips. And if we don't it sells us the tools to get that which is out of our reach. But deep down inside we know that the things that surround us don't really satisfy us.

For life in all its glory is found complete in the embrace of its designer. Every experience is a chance to connect with the God who formed the universe from nothing. As surely as the sun rises, the sun sets and as surely as the tide flows in, the tide flows out. The everlasting love of God is as relentless and as sure as the universe that we are placed into. And it is here that the mystery of God’s love shines into our world, for God who is complete does not need creation in order to experience love because he is love and every time we open up ourselves to the love of God we move into the now of time. And in the now of time the omniscience and omnipotence of the creator meets the compassion and goodness of the Father. But whenever we move away from the abundance of real love life clips our wings and dulls our shine. God's love was given to be shared. Shared from his heart of goodness. A manifesting in and to creation that we were created and birthed out of His good pleasure. And every moment is a now moment where his love is giving his goodness to us. 

God encourages us to nourish and nurture his love and his life in our hearts. To grow a rich harvest of life giving and life enhancing truth, for it is in knowing the truth that renews our minds and sets us free to know and experience the life of God in Christ Jesus. God's goodness is his story. His story is a work of total commitment, desire and passion. It is a story about you, about someone else, about the world, about life, about God and above all else it is a story of intimacy beyond our wildest imagination. 

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