Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Love is Not a Formula

Love is not a formula.

It is not a mathematical calculation or an academic exercise or a theological assertion.  It cannot be found in prescribed devotion or calculated study. You cannot steal it, you cannot not hold it captive and you cannot manufacture it. For love is responsive,  reckless and passionate.

Love is consumed with burning desire.

Desire comes from delighting in the beauty and splendour of our affection.
The burning desire to listen, for every whisper of love makes our heart beat.
The burning desire to look into the eyes of love, for every glance fills us with courage.
The burning desire to be entangled with beauty, for every touch fills us with confident hope.
The burning desire to step into the awareness of the love God ravishes upon us.

For the burning desire of Christ is us.

Christ comes to allure us.
Christ comes to us to awaken us to love.
His thoughts to us are to pour out his gladness and pleasure upon and into us.
For Christ's love pardons our sin and forgives our wayward affections.
Christ's love showers us with heaven's inheritance.
Christ's love empowers us with His grace.
Christ's love comes to us in an intoxicating kiss.
Christ's love is planted into the heart of Man.
Christ's love is devoted to you.
Christ's love given freely far exceeds all other loves.
For Christ loves us with an everlasting love.
A love that embraces us through the ages.
A love that holds us in His desire
A love that keeps us in His delight.
A love that allures us into His burning heart of passion for us.

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