Saturday, 3 August 2019

Six Questions to Get Your Emotions and Thoughts Closer with God.

God does not communicate with us the way we commonly know and understand ‘communication’. Now this may seem strange at first, but God is infinitely more intimate with us than any other relationship in our lives. In fact, what we think as a close relationship is actually still quite distant when compared to God. If you consider that in reality we don’t know the thoughts of the people we love the most and they don’t know our thoughts. We can hide feelings of love and anger from each other deep within our hearts.

But with God, this form of communication does not work, because the Holy Spirit is far more intimate with us and God.  When come into relationship with God we actually become entwined in God, His Spirit becomes our spirit. He communicates to from His Spirit. He speaks to us Spirit to our heart.

It takes time to cultivate a unique place in our hearts and therefore our minds. A place where the inner voice of God goes beyond verbal tones and comes on a frequency that runs through our spirit into our hearts. For this communication is the vast mystery of our divine new creation relationship with Christ.

So here in the mystery of God’s voice within us, how do we let God in and let his grace work in our hearts? How do we tune our hearts to his frequency? To begin with we need to open our hearts to his Spirit and here are a six questions we can ask ourselves to help us :-

1.      Do I let God reveal to me how right I am with him in Christ Jesus?

In other words, I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus.
Christ has given me his new life and I am alive to Christ and dead to sin.
In fact, Paul tells me in Ephesians 4:23 “that I am holy and righteous in Christ Jesus”.
To hear God’s voice effectively in my heart I need to let God reveal to me my New Creation reality and give him permission to change and renew my mind to come in alignment with the truth of the finished work of Christ.
The more I let God reveal Christ to me, the more I can know that “As He is so now am I.

2.       Do I give God an opportunity to be God?

Every moment is an opportunity for God to speak and connect with me.
Too often we so consumed with the influence of the world and the busyness of life we forget that the God who created the universe lives in us.
It is easily done, but it is easily rectified.
In every moment let go and let God be God to you.
Let you consciousness be full of Christ and free from the world.

3.       Do I give myself chances – or do I easily write myself off?

Every day is a new beginning; every moment is the first step forward.
God is totally committed to you and He has promised never to leave you or forsake you.
Thank him for his forgiveness and your eternal redemption
Thank you for his love and his new life inside your heart
Thank him that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

4.       Do I give myself permission to drink as deeply from Christ as I desire?

Remind yourself that you no longer have to wait.
That you have an overflowing river of the Holy Spirit living in you.
You can dive in and be soaked by God’s presence and glory at any time
You have the bottomless well of God’s grace in your heart.
This seems almost too good to be true, so remind yourself to the truth of the resurrection power alive in you.
Give yourself permission to drink from the river of God’s life within you.

5.       Do I know His power alive in me, in the midst of daily life?

Life flows from your thoughts and comes out in your words
The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.
Relax, connect and acknowledge God’s power alive in you.
Let your mind and emotions live in the fullness of Christ.
For God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ask or think according to the power that works within you.

6.       Do I let my heart respond to His unconditional love working in me?

You are loved unconditionally by God, you are his beloved child.
It is time to love yourself.
God loves you, so love yourself in Christ.
You are amazing, beloved, precious, beautiful, captivating and the delight of Gods heart.
You are prize that Christ came and died for,
You are incredibly and wonderfully created to be loved by the infinite God
You are loved, love your self
For you are a son or daughter of God.

Let Christ sow his word seeds into your heart, so he can produce a harvest of his grace, healing and provision which you can reap in your life. As you relax and rest in his words for you, you will find that your confidence in Christ will grow, your trust in his commitment to you will be established in you, and your delight in your heart will start to overflow when you experience His delight in you. For the truth of who you are as a New Creation in Christ will motivate and capture your heart and emotions so that you can begin to know and experience the height, breadth, length and width of the love of God.

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