Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Awakening to Love - #11 - God's Demonstration of His Love

Key Scripture - “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! “ – 1 John 3:1

Key Thought - “God has healed our separation by embodying himself into human flesh and opening a door of spiritual power of reconciliation through his death on the cross.”
Love and truth are the essence of who God is and his nature that reaches out with a cosmic embrace and offers us life. At the beginning of time, when out of chaos life was created His love stirred and implanted faith throughout the universe.

Everything that exists is a manifestation of God's love and truth created for the pleasure and delight of the creator and the creation. Life is only possible with the breath of God breathing into it.

Everything that is natural is an expression of the heart of God. Every sunset is a vivid picture that lights the sky with lavish colour. Each season fills our thoughts and emotions with a tapestry of moments that fills our body, soul and spirit with the fullness of creation.

Nature is a whisper to our hearts of the love of the Father. It declares to us that everything and everyone's purpose is to know, experienced and be united with the unconditional love of God. God simply is love. And it is us, his created humans that are the focus of his love. We are free either to embrace this love or push it away. Only God has the power of transformation, the ability to enter into and become part of his creation. And through his love we have the opportunity to embrace ourselves as manifestations of God.

And how does God pour his love out upon us, how does he enlighten us to his truth? Through the person of his son, Jesus. God by his love gives us the gift of faith and pours out his grace and peace as we come to embrace Jesus. We are brought into a spiritual union and relationship with God through Jesus.

The separation we feel in our innermost being is a conflict that Jesus came to heal. He came to heal all those who were broken-hearted, to heal the loss that kept us in the captivity of our own prisons. God has given us through Jesus everything we need for life, and everything we need to know and experience God

God has healed our separation by embodying himself into human flesh and opening a door of the spiritual power of reconciliation through his death on the cross. He came to everyone born to awaken us to his unconditional love and truth in Christ in every moment and every aspect of our lives. When we embrace Jesus Christ, we come into right relationship with God, the cosmos, and creation flows within our veins. Opening our minds and lives to receive Jesus in all his fullness penetrates all we are and starts us on the greatest grace adventure of our lives.

In Christ heaven and earth are united into you and me.

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