Thursday, 18 October 2018

Awakening to Love - #6 - God is in the Now.

Key Scripture - “Oh, how can I give you up, Israel?  How can I let you go?” Hosea 11:8

Key Thought – “God's goodness is his story. His story is a work of total commitment, desire and passion.”

Every time we open up ourselves to the love of God we move into the now of time.  And in the now of time the omniscience and omnipotence of the creator meets the compassion and goodness of the Father.

But it is here in the circumstances of the now that we can start to doubt the goodness of the Father and focus instead on his power and knowledge. Somewhere in our souls we start to see God as something else than a heart that overflows with generosity and compassion. Instead of going with the flow of God's love we end up swimming against the tide. Eventually we end up drowning in doubt.

Whenever we move away from the abundance of real love, life clips our wings and dulls our shine. God's love was given to be shared. Shared from his heart of goodness. A manifesting in and to creation that we were created and birthed out of His good pleasure. And every moment is a now moment where his love is giving his goodness to us.

God's goodness is his story. His story is a work of total commitment, desire and passion. It is a story about yourself, about someone else, about the world, about life, about God and above all else it is a story of intimacy beyond our wildest imagination.

When you dig deep into the depths of God's story you will start to discover that it is a rich tapestry of promises. Every promise of God is given in the now and is kept by his unfailing love.  God continually declares this by the way he passionately pursues his people, the children of the promise given to Abraham.  He comes to Israel in the bondage of their adulterous relationships and gives them hope. He hears their cries of anguish under the oppression of their taskmaster and opens up a path to set them free. In the midst of their constant rejection of his love he weeps for them and is consumed with a heart to heal their brokenness.  Instead of judgement and anger, hurt and rejection he offers grace and a solution.

What God gives us is an insight into the ache within his heart.  God's ache is his intention to come and restore us into all he created us to be. He never sees us as products of actions, he never looks at us through the lense of black and white. He removes himself from judging us to be right or wrong or good or bad. Instead he sees us as a prism of light, multi coloured, a bright radiant spectrum of his love. In short, he sees us as we were created to be.

God created us to be whole. He created us with his desire to have perfect communion with us. To enter the perfect relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and to enjoy and celebrate his perfect love. His holiness was birthed into our hearts, his breath birthed our spirit and he placed the pinnacle of his desire in a garden of delight.

It was here in this garden that the first man and woman lived and enjoyed the glory of God. They enjoyed every moment experiencing the unconditional love of their Father. They lived in a complete relationship until a fallen angel spoke a lie into their perfect existence.  This lie was simple as it was destructive, it produced a thought that God did not want them. That to please God they had to do something to make themselves more acceptable.  And it was the lie that entered their heart and planted a seed of separation.  And it was this lie that caused suffering to take root and illness, violence, greed, jealously and selfishness started to run rampant.  For it is our separation from God that is root cause of our death. When we lose connection with the Father who created us, we  forget who we are and become divided in our spirit, soul  and body and become separated from each other.

We fail to see the creator in everyone and everything and we close our hearts and hide away in shame. And in a shame based world, our sight is clouded and we start to see everything from a dim reflection in a mirror.

Breaking the lie of separation requires us to look again at God and start to see the world from his perspective.  To overcome our feeling of shame and accept the reality of his unconditional love.

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