Sunday, 9 September 2018


That was the word on the sweatshirt
On the bus
Just one word
Just written for all to see
And the girl wearing it was probably unaware of the powerful message it conveyed.

For God speaks in the most mundane places and uses the most ordinary things.
Nothing is outside the embrace of God
And if you look and listen
You can find God in everything.

For that simple word is the truth of the gospel
For in one act
One sacrifice
Jesus vanished our sins forever
Our old man
Our old life
Our old person
Vanished at the cross
Our failures were vanished at the cross
Our defeats were vanished at the cross
Our condemnation was vanished at the cross
Our guilt was vanished at the cross
Our self-righteousness was vanished at the cross
Our bondage was vanished at the cross
Our yoke of self loathing was vanished at the cross
Our captivity was vanished at the cross
Our separation in our minds was vanished at the cross.
Jesus in one act reconciled us back to God at the cross
And the wall of separation was taken away forever.

Our blindness was healed
Our deaf ears were healed
At the cross we were healed
And we can now see the fullness of Christ
We can now hear the voice of the father
We are now made one with Christ.

God has vanished our old man.
It has gone forever
We are now New Creations in Jesus Christ.

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