Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Listen To Heavens Dream

Waters stirred
Strange shadows over the land
Purple in the deep
And the word ran into the father’s arms
Awakened dreams

Silence listened
Lengthening colours thickened
Stream from lovers wounds
And the passion bursts in veins of grace
Desire loves dream.

Compassion descended
Gathered vibrations trembled
Turning darkness into light
And the whispered voice encompassed hope
Listen to heavens dream.


Written for Poetry Jam


  1. awesome write, luv your retelling of the story " Let There Be Light"

    much love...

  2. Listening to the heavens dream is definitely a good thing to focus on as the new year begins.

  3. I like the serene atmosphere of your poem, Alan, especially the last three lines.

  4. Loved "And the passion bursts in veins of grace" ~ Happy new Year!

  5. And the passion bursts in veins of grace Listen to heavens dream.
    I really love those two lines they say so much

  6. What a delightful poem! We all have dreams but so often they are not realised.I wish you well!

  7. So beautiful. I love the repetition of the title as the closing line. That really works.

  8. Hope and heaven's dream...what's more encouraging than those? Wishing you a wonderful year of listening, Alan!

  9. Yup .. that quiet power very deliberately moves and creates sounds for us to listen to and cry out to ... beautiful write, Alan!

  10. I really like this prompt you came up with -- putting resolutions into one word. I like the repetitions in this and the winding up with the title. Heaven's dreams would definitely be something to listen for.

  11. And the whispered voice encompassed hope
    Listen to heavens dream

    Great ending alan! There definitely is the voice whispering of goodness life has to offer. One has to search for it. A concerted effort will bring dividends.However many will just miss it for some reasons. Sincerity comes into play! Thanks for the prompt!


  12. Sometimes silence listens to us

  13. Alan, a beautiful write! Especially love that last line "Listen to heaven dream" lovely :-)

  14. A lovely and meaningful write Alan ~ Thank you for the prompt ~

  15. Your poem is a lovely articulation of the beauty and enlightenment that can be found in listening. And once again, your work is filled with wonderful colors that underscore the profound depth of spirituality.

  16. This poem raveled the contrasts between light and dark so well. I thought this was very insightful and inspiring for those who are in a struggle.

  17. Alan,

    I think that listening to heaven's dreams, can only be rewarding. A place of reward perhaps..Taking that precious time is important.

    Happy New Year,


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