Monday, 3 November 2014

Grace Nuggets - Limitless Power

I have now the limitless power of God inside me.

I am a store of his glory and power, His kingdom has come and reigns inside me.

By the grace of God, everything of God through Christ's atonement is available to me, because God lives and dwells inside me.

By my union with Christ I have arrived in the fullness of all his grace, his unmerited favour, all the riches of heaven, an enjoyment of the Promised Land that  I had already entered.

My prayer to God has changed from , “I want more, there must be more.”

To, “Thank you lord, Let me bask and delight in all you have poured into me. Reveal to me all the wonderful grace and unlimited power that you have provided.”

Through the new birth I am complete in Christ, and my hunger is only for more revelation of what I already have in Christ

1 comment:

  1. nice...I like the new prayer...I am guilty of asking for more...but that will be unveiled often through what I have...


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