Saturday, 11 October 2014

Charis Notes - Your New Nature In Christ

When we get born again our spirit is made alive to God in and through Jesus Christ and has been seated in heaven. This causes our spirit to come back to the place of ruling and reigning with full dominion and authority.

Our spirit is perfect. It is part of God. It is one with God. It has his nature in it. It has been given the fullness of Christ.

We possess His perfect:-

Long Suffering
Self Control

The fruit of the spirit is in your spirit; therefore as you walk in the spirit you will automatically operate in the fruit of the spirit.

It is not the fruit of the Holy Spirit that you get on occasions, it is the fruit of your re-born spirit that, when you walk by that spirit, those fruits begin to manifest.

The fruit of the spirit is who you are in Christ. The fruit is your true identity in Christ.

Just recognise who you are in Him, and let it flow out from your new nature.


  1. that is an intriguing thought on the fruit of the holy spirit versus the fruit of your reborn spirit...i will mull on that one a bit...

  2. Just recognise who you are in Him,
    and let it flow out from your new nature

    It is one's revelation of a place nearer to Providence that keeps one going on a good path. Rightly so alan!



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