Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Charis Notes - Separation Is In Our Minds

Colossians 1 : 21
And you who once were alienated and enemies in your minds, by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled.

Our lives produce what we believe in our hearts, how we see and understand God will eventually show in our lives. Here in Colossians, Paul uncovers the heart of the problem; our alienation from God is in our minds.

Adam in Genesis 3 was alienated from God in his mind after he fell. Adam was afraid to meet with his loving Father; he expected punishment instead of love. If we see ourselves as sinful, dirty, separate in our minds, this will manifest in our lives and actions.

God is not alienated from us, but we in our minds are alienated from him. We need our minds transformed into the truth of his goodness and His unconditional love. God never has separated himself from man, we separate ourselves from him.

All our sin, past, present and future sin was nailed to the cross with Jesus and died at the cross. Everyone born this side of the cross, 2,000 years ago has had their sin forgiven before they were born. They made have been born into Adam but their sin was already washed away never to be recalled. Sin does not separate us from God, unbelief in God’s goodness; in our minds is what separates us from God.

As we look on Jesus, feast on His love, bask in his grace and are consumed with his words, we are transformed in our minds and start to reflect our new born spirits. 

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