Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Charis Notes - Jesus Is The True Picture Of God

Jesus is the only filter we look and evaluate scripture through -
John 14:7 - "If you had known Me you would also have known the Father."

Jesus is the true picture of God. In Jesus we see God and we see who God really is.
Everything in Old Covenant was a shadow and picture of who God was. The images in the Old Covenant were like individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece was important, each piece showed an image, each piece told a story, but each piece was only part of the story. Jesus was the whole jigsaw puzzle put together and his resurrection completed the jigsaw puzzle.

Everything Jesus did he did in relationship, with God, with the Holy Spirit, with man, because the Father is only revealed within relationship. Take God out of relationship and He becomes supreme and man cannot relate to him. Suddenly, It becomes the duty of man to keep this supreme being happy and to appease his anger. We cannot experience him totally because we are always afraid we might upset him and he will punish us.

To know the Father you have to know Jesus. You can only experience who God really is through Christ

Look at the life of Christ, those he was in fellowship with, those he healed, his heart of compassion, his overflowing power, his overwhelming love, see Christ and you see the true heart of God.

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