Saturday, 12 July 2014

Grace Gems - The Intent of Scripture by Jeff Turner

The intent of the scriptures is to reveal a God who is infinitely loving, good, and loyal to His creation. This revelation, though often missed and obscured by the ignorance of certain of the scriptural writers, is perfectly revealed, unhindered, in the person of Jesus Christ!

What the scriptures do *NOT* seek to reveal are their own perfection, and internal harmony. The truth of God's nature, from beginning to end, is what they are attempting to communicate. Again, this message is often missed or misinterpreted, due to the pre-Christ understandings of those who wrote the scriptures, but is ultimately at the heart of all that they seek to reveal. Even when things are gotten wrong, the right answer is always God's love.

What we often do, however, in the name of apologetics, is use the scriptures to prove the perfection of the scriptures, instead of to reveal the true nature of God. This is where we often fall into error and unnecessary debate, for the scriptures are not seeking to prove their perfection, but to reveal God as infinitely loving and good, which is an understanding that sometimes runs contradictory to the writer's understanding. The beautiful thing about God is that He has allowed men - yes, even sometimes ignorant men - to tell His story, but has finished and perfected it Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ. Every misconception and every improper view of Himself is done away with through the revelation of His Son.

When we make the scriptures themselves the point of the scriptures, however, we are not left with perfection. When we see, however, that their purpose is to reveal God as loving, even when that means contradicting themselves, we are left with nothing but perfection.

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  1. i think we have missed the message in much of scripture...belittling god and making it more self an elder team we have been discussing things just like this alan...


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