Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Forgotten Heroes - Lance Corporal Charles Grimson. D.C.M.

Lance Corporal Charles Grimson, 1st Light Horse Regiment being awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) by the Governor General.

Grimson, a farmer from Cumnock, NSW, with two and a half years service in the Citizens' Military Forces, enlisted on 8 September 1914.

He served at Gallipoli and was awarded the DCM for 'For conspicuous gallantry on the night of the 28th-29th May, 1915, near Gaba Tepe (Dardanelles). Owing to the explosion of a mine which destroyed a portion of our parapet the enemy was able to occupy a portion of our trenches, thus dividing the defending force into two. Lance-Corporal Grimson crawled over the broken ground towards the enemy, capturing successively three Turks. He then with the greatest courage, entered the remaining portion of the trench held by the enemy, about 12 in number, compelling them all to surrender, thus enabling the defending forces to re-unite', quote from the London Gazette on 6 September 1915.

L Cpl Grimson was wounded in action on 27 July 1915 and returned to Australia on 22 November 1915.


  1. That is one man I would love to converse with. We have forgotten many heroes. It was thoughtful for you to honor him here with your words.

  2. As a direct descendant of Charles I can tell you we have not forgotten his service or his gallantry. My son and daughter have researched him as part of the centenary of Gallipoli. Thanks for helping make sure his efforts are not forgotten


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