Sunday, 27 April 2014

Grace Gems - God Has No Dark Side

God has no dark side.

Jesus revealed the full and complete truth about God, His past, present, and future - His "I Am-ness". Who God was revealed to be in the person of Jesus is Who He always was, even in the Old Testament, and is Who He will be in the future, regardless of our views on the second coming.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever..."

What the Son revealed about the Father is the ultimate truth. He was not concealing a part of His nature which would be revealed at a later time, but revealed the whole picture. Jesus was non violent and non retributive (cleansing the Temple does not count as violent) and therefore neither is His Father. Jesus does not marginalize or discriminate and therefore neither does His Father. Jesus does not inflict men with sickness or disease and therefore neither does His Father. He does not stir up storms and natural disasters to discipline the disobedient and therefore neither does His Father.

Unfortunately, many see Jesus as having come the first time as a gentle Lamb, but then insist He will return as a violent and vengeful lion. The truth, however, is that who Jesus was is still Who He is. There is no further installment to come in which we'll see God's dark side. No, what Jesus revealed was sufficient and what Jesus revealed was eternal love.

God has no dark side.

He is good.

Jeff Turner

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