Monday, 17 February 2014

Unending Love by Bill Thomas

Will the rivers ever cease to flow?
Can the waterfall run dry?
Will the stars ever cease to glow?
Can the sun leave the sky?
Will the East winds cease to bring the rain?
Will creation cease to thrive?
Can I ever lose His love again
As long as I'm alive?

Unending love holds the stars in place,
Unending grace fills my heart,
In perpetuity with love's embrace,
I can never depart
From this love that will hold me firm,
That will prevail till the last;
I may struggle and I may squirm,
But His love holds me fast.

Will the mountains ever cease to tower?
Will the oceans still their rage?
Will the storms ever lose their power?
Will Nature turn another page?
Can I ever lose this awesome love?
Will I ever lose His grace?
Endless love flowing from above,
From the Saviour's face.

1 comment:

  1. i would hope we could never lose his love or grace
    i guess there are a few things in scripture
    that clearly say we will...
    or at least what is pleasing to him.


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